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Programs used by Trigrafix include: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Adobe InDesign (including Smart Styles and InBooklet plugins), Paperport (photo scanning), Acrobat Writer and Reader, Internet Explorer

Transcribing: Mini, micro, full cassette and digital. Transcribing can be verbatim, selective, edited, and/or grammar enhanced, according to your specific needs. Specialist experience in medical and legal transcription, with enhanced technical dictionaries. We transcribe dictations recorded using Express Scribe dictation recording software.

Mailouts: Trigrafix can establish and maintain your database, arrange personalised letters based on the database, labelling, inserting and bulk posting. The design and production of regular newsletters is a key area of our work.

Manuals and Reports:: Trigrafix has developed skills in design and production of manuals and reports to provide excellent presentations. We can also create overheads in Word or Powerpoint and create transparencies in colour or laser print.

Backup and storage: Keeping copies of your work is essential. A backup copy of work completed at Trigrafix is stored on CDROM as well as on hard-disk. We can create backups of your work if required.

Confidentiality: All hard copies are either returned to you or destroyed; soft copy is stored and backed up unless otherwise advised.

Internet: Trigrafix provides a complete research facility.

Home / login · Overview · Services · Contact information