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Teri has 30 years secretarial experience and for the last ten years has run her own business providing a comprehensive secretarial facility.

Teri enjoys her job immensely and tries to always enhance the business of her clients - her philosophy being, if they are successful, so is she. She is constantly upgrading her skills as improving technology enables a faster, more versatile and cost efficient service.

Trigrafix is able to provide you professional help in all areas of office administration such as:

  • Final copy from handwritten, faxed or emailed notes

  • Dictaphone transcribing including: mini, micro, full cassette and digital voice transcribing.

  • Preparation of:

    • Books
    • Manuals etc
    • Family histories
    • Presentations
    • Reports
    • Projects
    • Quotations
    • Theses

  • Enhanced by:

    • Interesting and clarifying formatting
    • Adding graphics, tables, charts and photos
    • Applying headers and footers
    • Providing grammar and spelling check

  • Newsletters, flyers and advertising material

  • Complete mailing service

  • Comb-binding

The Outsourcing Advantages:

Outsourcing your Secretarial needs to Trigrafix has the advantages that:

  • You can spend more time at the sharp end of your business.

  • You don't have to buy a lot of expensive equipment

  • You don't have to learn complex computer programs

  • You don't have to pay someone when you don't need them

  • You can draw on the cross fertilization that occurs between clients

  • You don't have to pay for Workers Compensation, Insurance, Superannuation, Leave Loadings, Overtime, Fringe Benefits Tax, rent... and on and on costs.

  • Hours are flexible.

  • Expert help is there when you need it.

Home / login · Overview · Services · Contact information